About Us

Principal Mia Katz

I am a qualified teacher with 18 years of experience. I have worked with children for a long time and know that they need more than just education. They need interactive education. Education that will make them grow into independent, young adults. Letting them think for themselves, letting them think outside the box while enjoying the journey. Without enjoyment, what would be the point?

Every child needs to build a foundation for themselves. I want to give them the tools to build this foundation. I want to teach them to use these tools in life, not just in education, but in their daily lives.

I want to make each child in this school feel that they are a part of my foundation and that they are building a place that is filled with love, happiness, care, support and hope. They can’t achieve that without God by their sides. This will be my biggest priority, to teach them about Our Creator. If you became a student at Katz Academy you will became a student who wants to reach towards the biggest star and the best dreams, just because you can.

God Bless